About Qpongo - FAQ

  • What is Qpongo?

    Qpongo is the largest, most complete and most private coupon code search engine on the web PERIOD.

    We have lots of advantages over other coupon sites -- one being that we're global.  Don't hesitate to try a Swiss market coupon with your British order.

  • Why the name "Qpongo"?

    We just just picked a fun word to say (in English) and it stuck.

    coupon, coupon go, cu-pon-go, q-pon-go, QPONGO!!!

  • How secure is Qpongo?

    It is 100% safe AND PRIVATE. Qpongo doesn't collect or share any of your information. See our privacy policy.

  • How much does Qpongo cost?

    It's 100% free to use! If you buy a product after clicking on one of our money saving links (including when you view the coupon codes) then the retailer pays us a small commission. The price you pay is not affected by the commission - it's a win / win and, as a result, we don't have to bother you with advertisements. :)

  • I’m a retailer. How do I go about getting my products included in Qpongo?

    Excellent! It probably already happened if you sent Qpongo fishing for coupons for your site but please send an email to and we'll contact you.

  • I’m a user. How do I ask questions or report a bug?

    Use our feedback form or send an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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